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Free photographs and illustrations are available from a wide variety of sources, including photo-sharing websites, stock photography sites, clip art sites, and USA government photos and images.  Wikipedia has a good list of public domain image resources, and some commercial photo licensing websites, such as 123RF and Dreamstime, offer a small selection of sample photographs for free!

free hibiscus photo
Pink hibiscus flower.

Some photography sources impose onerous usage restrictions and various licensing requirements on their photographs, so be sure to check copyright restrictions and terms of use carefully before using a photo or any other type of digital image.  Creative Commons licenses, with their mix-and-match license conditions, are becoming popular for digital content.  However, in many cases, it may be simpler to pay a nominal fee for carefully indexed, editor-reviewed royalty free photographs rather than use the amateur-quality photos that are typically found on free, photo-sharing websites.  Note that copyright issues and model-release questions may exist for certain images that are available on "shared photo" websites such as Wikimedia Commons.

In any event, here are a few free photos taken by the author of this website.  These photos, including the orange hibiscus flower photo at the top right corner, are copyrighted material, but you may use them on your web pages if, and only if, you provide a link back to this website on each page where you use any of these photographs.  You may use only one of these photos per web page, and you must display the following statement near each photograph:  "Copyright  Used by permission."  Enjoy browsing through these photos, and thank you for your consideration.

English ivy on a brick wall
Brick wall
with English ivy.
red lighthouse, Quebec
Red lighthouse
in Quebec.
North Carolina shoreline
North Carolina shoreline.

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